Tech World Buzzing Around Release Date Of Microsoft Surface Pro 5

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Tech World Buzzing Around Release Date Of Microsoft Surface Pro 5

It is very likely that Microsoft will release the Surface Pro 5 imminently and tech enthusiasts believe the latest iteration in the Surface of range of products will sport the latest Windows 10 Creators Update as well as HoloLens. Because it is likely the device will support the Windows 10 Creators update which many expect will be released next month, speculation has arisen the Surface Pro 5 will also be released soon alongside a rumoured Surface Phone.

Powerful features

The Windows 10 Creators Update has a set of powerful features which allow for a better gaming experience as well as enhanced creativity. This includes the ability to create 3D content as well as integrated mixed reality experiences. What this means according to Techradar is the inclusion of Microsoft HoloLens. The Surface Pro 5 is expected to be launch after the recent launch of Microsoft HoloLens which occurred at the end of last month.

Don’t trust the rumours

If indeed the rumours are correct and the Windows 10 Creators Update does feature support HoloLens, then it is highly likely that a new holographic computer will be ready in the very near term. It would seem that such a device would be released in either April or May and it would of course as we have said be available in the form of the Surface Pro 5. Microsoft continues to remain silent so be prepared for anything.

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