Rumours Swirl Around The Next Generation Of Products From Microsoft’s Surface Range

Surface Pro 4

Rumours Swirl Around The Next Generation Of Products From Microsoft’s Surface Range

The tech world seems to be obsessed with the question of what’s next in Microsoft’s incredibly popular Surface range of products. In October last year, Microsoft added the Surface Studio whilst the Surface Book was given a performance base refresh. The Surface Pro 5 is highly anticipated and it is very likely that we will see an upgrade to the Surface Book 2. The rumour is that Microsoft intends to go in a totally different direction with its 2-in-1 product, the Surface Book.  The rumour suggests that Microsoft will abandon the 2-in-1 format and instead produce a traditional clamshell notebook according to Digitimes.

Lower cost products could be in the works

Digitimes quoted unnamed sources from Microsoft’s supply change who claim the next version of the Surface Book will be a lower cost variant that seeks to compete directly against more conventional laptops. The sources add the new model is already in production and will be announced by the end of April. There are always rumours which surround the launch of important product such as the Surface line. Sometimes they make sense, whilst others sound ridiculous. It is easy to see why this specific rumour doesn’t make that much sense.

 Microsoft wants to show off its operating system capabilities

Since we are speculating, we need to bear in mind the ability to convert Surface devices from one format to another has been a hallmark of the product range since the Surface was first launched. Microsoft has been worried about the status of the touch-centric PC market which is why it developed the ill fated Windows 8 operating system. Traditional PC were working very well given the fact that Intel was stumping up for its Ultrabook initiative. But because there weren’t that many machines which showed off Windows 8 functionality, Microsoft felt it needed to wade into the market and make one itself.

Microsoft can compete in the high end

Simultaneously, sales of the Surface Pro 4 have been robust and Microsoft reiterated this fact with the launch of the super expensive Surface Studio which has also sold better than anticipated. This means that Microsoft is both willing and able to sell products at the very highest end of the spectrum. This means we are arguing that rather than reduce the price of the next iteration of Surface products, it is more likely that the next Surface Book will actually be even more expensive. All of this of course is simple speculation.  Nobody knows for sure what Microsoft will actually do because the company isn’t talking.

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