Microsoft Launches Surface Laptop

Surface Laptop

Microsoft Launches Surface Laptop

Recently the Surface Laptop from Microsoft was unofficially unveiled as specifications and images were leaked one day in advance of Microsoft’s official education-themed event in New York. At the event the company launched what is being called Windows Cloud or Windows 10 S which is a more streamlined version of Windows 10 targeted at the education market. The new Surface laptop is attractively priced at US$999 making it ideal for students and schools, a market which is presently dominated by Google Chrome OS powered laptops.

Images were leaked

Images of the laptop that were published by Walking Cat, a Twitter account that has a reputation for obtaining confidential Microsoft information published several images of what it says is the Surface Laptop which essentially looks like a cross between the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. The laptop is constructed around a 13.5-inch PixelSense display and weighs approximately 2.76 pounds. It is a beautiful device with a tapered base that narrows to just 10mm at the front.

Looks like a Surface Book

The Surface Laptop interestingly enough is remarkably more similar to the Surface Book than the Surface Pro. It makes use of the same Alcantara material that Microsoft makes its Signature Type Covers for the Surface Pro machines. According to various sources, the Surface Laptop will have four colour options which include platinum, graphite gold, cobalt blue and burgundy.

New markets for Microsoft

The reason why the Surface Laptop is an important development is because it opens up a new market for Microsoft. That is to say general-purpose Surface devices for the masses. At present, we are not completely sure whether Microsoft is targeting the education market or general purpose users. Indeed, with its price point, it could well be targeting both.

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